How it Works

Use the B2brain to discover:

1. Actionable intel on your target accounts

2. Recommended leads to engage with

3. Talking points to have a compelling conversation

Engage them in multiple channels - email, phone, linkedin, direct mail and others.

  • SDR, BDR and ADR: Qualify and prioritize your leads faster, book more meetings and increase the pipeline.
  • Account Executive, Account Manager: Get contextual intel on your accounts to help you make a compelling pitch every single time.

B2Brain works great for individuals starting in inside sales to small teams to large sales teams. Ensure you always stay informed about your accounts.

Engage your prospects with intel across:

  • Company Plans
  • Product Launches
  • Media, News and PR
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Hirings & Openings
  • Deals & Partnerships
  • Finance & Stocks
  • and several others

Intel is customized and tailored for your company's value prop with Talking Points and Recommended Leads. B2Brain Integrations: Outreach, SalesForce Classic & Lightning, Freshsales CRM

Start a free trial with 20 target accounts.

Easy and simple subscription plans to help you build a qualified pipeline of engaged prospects and crush your quota. Scale-up as your sales team and target accounts increase.

  1. User signs in to our platform ( using SalesLoft
  2. User installs our Google Chrome Extension
  3. They see intels, within the SalesLoft window with a moveable component.
  4. They can request intels for new accounts as well.