How it Works

B2Brain is your unfair advantage to sell with confidence, while running your cadences on Salesloft.

Prepare yourself for the day ahead with unique insights on your target accounts. Use the talking points in your personalized messaging or as talk tracks.

Explore the recommended leads, import new ones directly into your Salesloft cadence, and increase your chances of success with each target account.

Say goodbye to the days of multiple google searches, site visits, note-taking, interruptions and painful talk track prep, with B2Brain.Intels are automatically customized and tailored for your business value proposition, so you can hit the ground running.

With B2Brain, sales teams sell more in less time by saving a week of account research time every month.


Prioritize Accounts better: Timely intels ensure that you reach out to prospects at the right time, and hit the right chord

Craft compelling messages: Personalize your message with Talking Points that connect the context of your prospect with your value proposition

Engage Prospects better: With your informed and thoughtful outreach, engage prospects better and open more accounts


Loved and trusted by global sales teamsIncluding the team at Salesloft

“12% higher responses with personalization using B2Brain intel”William Sturgis, Enterprise SDR at Salesloft


“Set up a meeting with a hard account within a week with B2Brain Talking Points”Augie Hoffmann, SDR Manager @ Fourkites


“SDRs feel empowered and fully armored with the most unique and curated content. One of the best tools to make you supercharged before you kickstart the outreach”Kalpesh Kunsavlikar, SDR Manager @ Netcore

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