How it Works

Upload your playbooks & resources

If you’re not sure where to start, you can customize one of our ‘best practices’ templates and make it your own.

Reps use playbooks to co-pilot their conversations

Costello serves as a real-time co-pilot during calls to make sure your reps ask every important question throughout the sales process. Everything they need to confidently handle objections and tell relevant customer stories is accessible in real-time.

Create Salesforce opportunities without leaving SalesLoft

If you book a meeting, you can create Salesforce (or Hubspot) opportunities from Costello inside of SalesLoft. No more going back-and-forth between apps.

Update ‘all the things’ with one click

Costello logs notes to your CRM and makes it easy for reps to fill out all of the required fields. Call summaries can also be pushed to Slack, so you can get real-time visibility into how a conversation went.

Turn your team into an execution (and learning) machine

Costello provides insights into what’s working on sales calls so you can continually improve your playbooks. Your team’s collective wisdom is captured in an up-to-date, single source of truth, so your team is always executing calls with the best approach.

By using Costello, our customers have increased cold call conversions rates by up to 300%, increased close rates by 94%, and reduced rep ramp time by 50%.