How it Works

Find the Perfect Contact to EngagePinpointing the perfect person to reach out to can be tough, but Datanyze's account targeting conditions (such as a company's technology usage, location, revenue, industry, etc.) combined with a person's job title can help you find the perfect contact. Once you find your target prospect, you can uncover their email or direct dial and easily add them to your own curated list of prospects.

Easily Enroll Contacts in a CadenceDatanyze combines all prospecting tasks into one simple workflow so you can cover more accounts in less time. Easily export any prospect list from Datanyze into SalesLoft where you can seamlessly enroll those new prospects into a SalesLoft cadence.

The Datanyze-to-SalesLoft integration is easy to setup and straightforward to use. Simply click into one of your lists of prospects within Datanyze and export them into SalesLoft.