How it Works

BuyerHubs have a unique private URL, making it a private one-to-one page only for the person you’re sharing it with. This allows each BuyerHub to be completely personalized for that buyer and/or organization focused on Account Based Marketing.

BuyerHubs contain tracking links that attribute to a specific prospect engagement, allowing reps to know exactly who is clicking and reading articles and content from a specific BuyerHub. We even provide the sales rep with the engagement click path showing the flow the buyer is taking through the content and posts on the page.

BuyerHubs perform an algorithmic evaluation of intent categories for each article viewed and produces a buyer intent score, then coaches reps on who to engage with urgency.

Template BuyerHub content archives are persona-based content files that are grouped for specific prospect types ahead of time. They enable a one-click setup of a BuyerHub that already contains content, data, and articles specific for that type of buyer. Personas enable speedy personalization and customization of a new BuyerHub that positions the sales rep as a helpful, effective assistant in the process who is adding value, WITHOUT a significant amount of time to set it up a.

BuyerHubs automatically alert sales reps when their prospect is engaging their Hub, opening the door for real-time outreach and conversation when the buyer is active.