Fusion Funnel

Sales Intelligence Gathering and prospecting framework with customer information auto-documented in salesforce one-click Stop saying IF during the sales-cycle and start saying BECAUSE

How it Works

The Prospecting ProblemĀ 

Poorly trained sales reps infectively stumble through calls, missing opportunities to investigate customer pain points and how your solution solves problems

The SolutionĀ 

Implement a prospecting framework using discovery templates and real-time manager guidance to facilitate better customer conversations

The Results

  • Gets sales reps providing value to the sales cycle faster
  • Improves the quality and impact of prospecting calls
  • Intuitive prospecting framework with real-time manager guidance
  • Consistent and standardized sales documentation
  • More time spent on sales activity
  • Better information about the customer at hand off to AE
  • Performance reporting leading to better sales activity