How it Works

About HubSpot

HubSpot's all-in-one marketing, sales, and service platform helps companies grow better by attracting visitors, engaging leads, and delighting customers.

About PieSync from HubSpot

In 2019, PieSync was acquired by HubSpot to help customers easily connect with their preferred applications and choose best-of-breed solutions. This allows for a smoother handoff between teams, and a more delightful experience for your customers.

Set up a real-time bi-directional sync between HubSpot and SalesLoft in just a few minutes. Save time on manual data entry and stop using messy CSV files for your imports and exports.

Let PieSync take care of transferring your customer data and setting up a feedback loop that syncs your HubSpot leads with SalesLoft.

Advanced rule engine

Sync all (or just some) of your prospects/leads and leverage the PieSync rule engine to execute various business scenarios:

  • Sync SalesLoft tags, stages, email opens, or any other value to drive opportunities and close deals faster.
  • Sync stages of SalesLoft cadences and sequences to HubSpot lifecycle stages.
  • AE’s can send leads to SDR’s in SalesLoft, and now that data can also sync in the opposite direction.
  • Sync SalesLoft prospect activity into HubSpot in real-time (not as engagements in the timeline, but as contact properties).
  • Explore infinite possibilities through our rule engine.

No more CSV file sharing—with PieSync, having your marketing and sales teams on the same page is a piece of cake (or pie).

Sync health dashboard

Because the sync runs continuously in the background—at least every five minutes—you can always get a clear view of what’s happening. Through the Health dashboard, we show you what, how, and when data is syncing. We’ll also inform you when leads, contacts, or companies can't sync because of a data mismatch, helping you fix the problem in either HubSpot or SalesLoft.

How SalesLoft integrates with HubSpot

Two-way sync gives HubSpot a central position in your stack. Manage all syncs to and from SalesLoft from a single interface. In addition to HubSpot, PieSync is available for an ever-growing number of supported cloud applications.

Use rules to control sync logic

Set up a one-way data sync in either direction or a two-way sync between HubSpot and SalesLoft. Filter on any HubSpot contact field, list, or smart list as well as on any SalesLoft default or custom attribute.

Default field mappings. Out-of-the-box

PieSync comes equipped with preset default field mappings for SalesLoft's contact schema to save time during setup and prevent data mistakes. These same mappings also return when setting up other connections, guaranteeing data consistency across your entire stack.

Custom field mappings also available

To customize field mappings, click ‘Add field mapping’ underneath default field mappings and start linking HubSpot’s properties to fields in SalesLoft. Fields of a similar type will sync two-way, allowing you to make changes to this data either in HubSpot, or in SalesLoft!