Inbox Ignite

Inbox Ignite seeks to enable SalesLoft customers to send more emails to relevant contacts with better open rates, and at increased sending volumes. And all without the worries of "going to spam," "having to warm a domain," or "needing to create a new domain, or rehabilitate an existing one."

How it Works

A primary concern of of sales professionals (often taken for granted) is their email messaging making it to their prospects (or customers) inbox! The deciding factor on their emails getting to the inbox is their email server, specifically your email server’s domain and IP(s).

As long as SalesLoft's customers are sending emails to recipients that are opening emails and clicking the links in the email (and replying to their email), their reputation increases. This is ideally what you want to happen. It’s also what email providers like to see. This means that you are positively engaging your audience.  The challenge is this rarely happens out of the gates, and even if it does, one false move can land them in spam, and keep them there.  With very little they can do to get back to the inbox.

So how do you get started warming your own IP and domain reputation when you cannot control the actions of your recipients? Will they open the email? Will they click SPAM? Will they click links? Will they unsubscribe? Will the spam filters flag your content? Sometimes an email will be sent and it just doesn’t quite connect. Recipients don’t open the emails, they don’t click the links, they delete the emails or, the absolute worst case scenario, they click “Report SPAM”.

When they click the “Report Spam” button, or their content is flagged, or they have limited positive email activity, a few things start happening. First, their reputation score decreases. What this means is that their IP and domain scores begin to drop. This is bad, because now the emails start going to the Spam folder. At this point, their recipients stop seeing the emails and they have no way of increasing or rehabilitating their IP and domain. They are stuck. No matter how well they write their emails, no matter what “tricks” they try, the emails just keep going to the spam folder. It all seems hopeless.

This is a frustrating and powerless experience that we set-out to change through our domain connection software.  

Our software is a simple connector that integrates seamlessly into a customers domain registrar.  It works by keeping their IP and domain reputation warm using artificial intelligence that sends sends, receives, and engages in messaging across our transactional messaging network.  This creates positive email activity which raises IP and domain reputations, and enables better "inboxing."