How it Works

LeadIQ works based on two inputs, first name and last name. Using our Chrome extension, as you research your prospects, we find all your prospect data in real time, and push them into your favorite sales tools. 

So if you want to build a nice prospecting campaign with your dream accounts, it's super easy to add them into a great SalesLoft cadence, you can do this one click after connecting your account.

Tired of looking in Salesforce and SalesLoft to see if someone is working a prospect already? LeadIQ will also tell you what accounts, leads, prospects, and opportunities exist without having to do manual lookups. 

Compared to a traditional lead database, LeadIQ finds prospect data in real time. Anything from work emails, firmagraphic data, cell phones, direct dials, and more. 

We give every demo 100 free leads to test out out. Come visit us here.