How it Works

  1. Add a new prospect in one click from the LinkedIn profile page to Salesforce
  2. Enrich the prospect’s profile information and find the professional phone number and email to prepare for the cadence
  3. Push the new enriched prospect to a Salesloft cadence with one click - again - directly from the LinkedIn profile page
  4. Track of which stage of the sales funnel your prospect is at straight from LinkedIn (no more switching between platforms)
  5. View, add & edit Salesforce and Salesloft information from the LinkedIn profile page to update your records and cadences
  6. Sync your LinkedIn activity with Salesforce and Salesloft for better data consistency
  7. Export SalesNav Lists 

Improve your sales workflows between LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Salesloft without switching tabs to save at least 5h+ of manual grunt work every week!