How it Works

SalesLoft + LeanData

LeanData's Revenue Ops Platform offers an easy to use, visual interface inside Salesforce to define routing rules for objects like Leads, Contacts, and other objects. With the LeanData-SalesLoft integration, you can now automatically trigger SalesLoft Cadences with conditions, powered by LeanData’s matching algorithm, such as when marketing qualifies a lead or when a new Lead from a target account signs up for a demo on your website.

Utilize SalesLoft in LeanData for intelligent orchestration of trusted data across all go-to-market processes - driving speed to revenue and improved customer experience.

The LeanData-SalesLoft integration automates and centralizes Sales & Marketing strategies in one place.

  • Returning from Rainmaker or other conferences?  Run your booth scans through LeanData One-Time Routing and auto-add them to a designated Rainmaker Cadence for follow-up
  • Want to send Leads of Target Accounts relevant messaging? Use LeanData’s conditional logic and Lead to Account Matching algorithm, to route the right People to the right Cadence, for the right messaging every time
  • Want to accelerate Speed to Lead for Inbound Leads? Use the FlowBuilder graph to route inbound Leads who meet specified criteria, such as filling out a website demo form, to Cadences for immediate follow-up via automated emails
  • Want to warm up abandoned Leads? Use the FlowBuilder graph to route Leads, who meet specified criteria, such as status types, to a Cadence

How to get started:

1.     Create a SalesLoft app (using the Redirect URI provided by LeanData) to authorize access to SalesLoft for LeanData

2.     Once authorized, utilize the SalesLoft node within LeanData to route Leads and Contacts directly into Cadences, centralizing and automating Sales and Marketing strategies all in one place.  

3.     Once People are added successfully to a Cadence, LeanData Audit Logs will show the People's audit trail.