How it Works

From measuring daily targets to analyzing sentiments and dispositions, every sales team has a unique way of operating. Malartu is the first no-code analytics platform to empower non-technical managers to build relevant, insightful analytics from their Salesloft data. 

Our simple point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface helps teams build custom KPIs and beautiful dashboards for any sales rep, any cadence, any campaign, and more. Teams use Malartu everyday to measure how their unique teams perform and what cadences yield the best results.

No-Code: Users can build dashboards from templates or create completely custom analytics without writing a single line of code.

Scalability: Analyze and manage one or more Salesloft instances under one roof using workspaces. Combine data across multiple teams or separate teams with custom permissions.

Platform capabilities: Combine Salesloft data with data from over 20 of the tools your team uses every day.

Getting started: Create a Malartu account, connect Salesloft, and start building custom analytics without code in seconds.