How it Works

Automatically Record Activities to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM  Monitoring and tracking sales activities is a crucial element of what makes CRM effective. Fortunately, all calls made and emails sent in SalesLoft are automatically recorded as activities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. No manual updating — just one cohesive view of your activity. 
Auto-mapping of CRM Fields. From mapping default and standard fields to creating custom fields, a large portion of time as a new SalesLoft customer can be spent setting up your team's instance between your CRM and SalesLoft. Fortunately, SalesLoft created a feature that auto-maps standard fields to decrease your set up time.
CRM Automation Rules. SalesLoft's Automation Rules take care of the repetitive tasks that threaten to dominate your team's workday. Automation Rules fire based on certain criteria set by team admins. Using Automation Rules alongside your personalized sales engagement allows your reps to focus their energy on prospective customers, rather than menial tasks.  When a Lead or Contact in CRM does not exist in SalesLoft, a person record is created in SalesLoft and linked to the CRM record. When a Person in SalesLoft does not exist in CRM, contact or lead record is created in CRM and linked to the SalesLoft record.
And more. Our development teams are continually building out and improving our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration to better suit customer and product needs. For more detailed information and the latest updates please refer to the support information linked on this page.