How it Works

According to Gartner, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of the buyer’s journey without interacting with a single human being. This creates 2 problems:

  1. Sales people are getting less responses and opportunities
  2. Sales people do NOT know if their buyers are interested. With less time and insight from the customers, sales targets are being missed.

The OneMob platform will allow Sales people to record a personal video and create a web page of content that can be delivered in their SalesLoft cadence. The end result will make SalesLoft users:

  1. More Personal: record and add a personal video to your email and get up to 10X more responses and opportunities
  2. More Engaging: create a web page of content to keep your recipient more engaged during the buyer journey 
  3. More Intelligent: know exactly what your recipient is doing in real time so you can follow up accordingly and automatically track all engagement data to your CRM

Sign up for OneMob at to start adding video and content to your SalesLoft cadences.