How it Works

Orum’s AI technology can sense whether the response to a call is a live prospect or an answering machine, automatically dropping voicemails on your behalf and connecting you with potential customers quicker than ever before.

Orum recognizes the conditions in which a call doesn’t reach a human (e.g. went to voicemail, busy, failed, dial tree, etc.) and automatically logs the activity to Salesloft, advancing prospects through your cadences appropriately. You can use this information to clean and enrich your lists.

When you’re connected to a prospect, you can choose what contextual information you’d like to see, pulled directly from your prospect/account fields. Based on the conversation, you can log a disposition/sentiment along with call notes. This is tracked both in Salesloft and in Orum’s analytics platform, letting you drill down into how your sales reps are performing and what you can do to improve.