How it Works

Use buyer intent data to focus prospecting efforts

Rather than blindly chasing prospects, supercharge sales reps with buyer intent data. Using Qualified Signals, reps can determine which accounts are most likely to buy, then send those VIPs a personalized outbound email through Salesloft, driving them back to your site. 

Welcome prospects in Salesloft Cadences with a custom greeting

Once a prospect clicks through a Salesloft email Cadence and arrives on the site, trigger a tailored Experience and give them the VIP treatment.

Identify and prioritize prospects in Salesloft Cadences

Automatically segment your website visitors by categories, like “Salesloft Cadence,” so reps know exactly where to find their most valuable buyers.

Route prospects in Salesloft Cadences to their dedicated sales rep

Instantly route prospects in Salesloft Cadences to the email sender and alert the assigned sales rep across the channels reps use most, like Slack and email.

Engage prospects in Salesloft Cadences when timing matters most

Now that you’ve piqued their interest, jump into a personalized live chat to seamlessly continue the conversation. When the time’s right, transition to a voice call or get a meeting on the books to keep deals moving.