How it Works

Send Gifts and Packages directly from Salesloft
Send Reachdesk campaigns directly from within Salesloft on a 1-to-1 basis using the Reachdesk Browser Extension

Follow up when Direct Mailers and Gifts arrive
Maximise your chances of connecting with a prospect by calling or emailing as soon as items land on their desk

Track Reachdesk Engagement in Salesloft
Gain a single view of activity from Reachdesk campaigns sent via Salesloft and notify prospects when goodies are on their way

End Cadences when meetings are booked
Once meetings are booked prospects can be removed from the Cadence automatically

Dynamically populate contact data into Reachdesk
Enable reps to work through Reachdesk assigned tasks in Salesloft and pre-fill contact data to avoid manual effort

Trigger Cadences based on outcomes
Assign prospects to Cadences based on pre-selected outcomes from Reachdesk activity