How it Works

RightBound leverages AI and machine learning to continuously mine dozens of data sources, constantly finding new target accounts that match your ideal customer profile. 

Accounts and personas are segmented into relevant cadences, and personalized outreach is executed autonomously through multiple channels including email, LinkedIn, surveys and gifting.

AI optimizes every step of the outbound cadence based on real-time results, fine-tuning the target audiences and optimizing the outreach playbook per account and per individual contact.

Prospects engaged by RightBound are uploaded and synced into your Salesloft, along with all relevant company and contact information, assigned to the relevant SDR and cadence.

Your SDRs are notified when it's time to follow-up with warm, relevant prospects, who have already shown initial signs of interest.

By automating account research and prospecting, RightBound shifts existing workflows for B2B Sales Development teams, saving up to 30% of SDR time previously geared towards manual research and list building.


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