TalkIQ, Inc.

More than 70% of customer interactions occur over the phone. TalkIQ analyzes each of these conversations and surfaces insights about how customer-facing teams operate. TalkIQ’s best-in-class, proprietary AI, reveals hidden trends, recommends actions, and predicts call outcomes in real-time. Successful companies use TalkIQ daily to make smarter decisions, increase revenue, improve customer engagement, and build better products.

How it Works

TalkIQ provides a rich feature-set that is intuitive, powerful, and tightly integrated with your Salesloft deployment. The solution captures 100% of your calls with no change to your existing workflow. TalkIQ then applies industry-leading Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) to transcribe each conversation coupled with proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to comprehend and analyze each conversation. With this information, TalkIQ enables you to:

  • Isolate, comment on and share critical moments
  • Evaluate trends using a comprehensive set of dashboards
  • Define and track playbooks from the key phrases that matter to your business
  • Measure performance such as the individual talk-to-listen ratio and call activity