How it Works

Real-Time Chat from Email

Create real-time conversations with prospects and customers directly from a SalesLoft cadence, and increase outbound email response rate by 265%.  Avoid the inbox clutter and make it easier for prospects to connect with the right sales rep!

Account-Based Chat Routing (ABM)

Terminus automatically routes sales conversations from your website or Cadence, in real-time, to the correct Account Owner in SalesLoft.  If using Chat from Anywhere, Terminus can perform account-based chat routing when a chat is initiated from Email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Landing Pages, etc.

Personalized Website Greeting from Cadence

Terminus Chat creates personalized chat greetings when prospects navigates to your website directly from an email template or cadence. All dynamic fields can be utilized to create the most configurable chat experience – including greeting a buyer by their Company name, First name, or both.

Team Creation and User Management

Terminus performs seamless account creation using an existing SalesLoft account via oAuth.  The first SalesLoft team member to create a Terminus account will automatically provision an enterprise account that matches the SalesLoft Team Name.  All subsequent members from SalesLoft who login with Auth will include a confirmation to be placed in the team.

Chat Conversation History Logged in SalesLoft

Terminus automatically logs all chat conversation history and details at the SalesLoft Account level.  When a user navigates to an account, chat history is displayed under the “Notes” section.  If a SalesLoft user desires more in depth information about the chat conversation, a URL is automatically provided for the user to click.