Tray Platform

Integrate and automate Salesloft’s outstanding functionality with all major cloud apps such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Netsuite, Oracle Sales Cloud, Hubspot, Domo, Mailchimp and the rest of your cloud stack. Use our beautifully designed, drag-and-drop visual workflow editor to create efficient automated workflows that plug-up any leaks in your funnel, connect your sales data, and ultimately optimize sales conversion.

How it Works

Key use cases on the Tray Platform

Integrate your CRM to SalesLoft for immediate, error-free outbound
Flow mission-critical data between Salesloft and your CRM, marketing platform, and the rest of your stack
Build sophisticated automations that connect website visits, email opens, and other activities to trigger timely, relevant follow-up to drive more opportunities

Tray Platform Features

Flexible: Connect to any cloud-based app and automate any operation via APIs

Easy: No dev resources necessary; business users can build complex integrations with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface

Powerful: With Tray’s prebuilt logical operators, users can quickly build sophisticated SalesLoft integrations with multistep workflows utilizing branching logic and nested conditionals. The Tray platform is SOC 2-certified and PCI- and GDPR-compliant. Our enterprise-grade security lets you build with confidence.

Scalable: Build automated processes with no limits. Use real-time workflow processing, alerting, and multi-user access to scale at the pace you need for your business.

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