How it Works

Use AI VoiceBots to make routine yet important touchpoint calls that keep prospects engaged throughout the buyer journey. These calls are critical to convert prospects, but often get forgotten, ignored or deprioritized in the busy SDR's schedule. VoiceBot calls can be deployed directly from your contact's profile or automatically triggered from a cadence.

  • Schedule meetings right on the call, or hot transfer
    • Stop wasting time chasing bad leads. AI VoiceBots work as your own call assistant: calling every lead, qualifying them and scheduling SQLs as demos in your reps calendar, or hot transferring a qualified lead to a live rep.
  • Automate prospect follow-up and increase conversions
    • Set up simple cadences to automate lead engagement and improve productivity. For example, when a lead opens an email, trigger a VoiceBot call within the next 5 minutes to follow-up and try to schedule a demo. Or, when a call ends, the disposition and data could populate into Salesloft, and trigger a new action or task for that lead.
  • Actionable reporting to measure call performance
    • View, download and share call activity reports from your campaign's dashboard, including every conversation recording, actionable call outcome data, scheduled meetings, transferred calls, and any problems with your contact list.